November 5, 20222 Minutes

Chase Sherman UFC Fight Night 214 Walkout Song (UFC Vegas 64)

UFC Men’s Heavyweight Chase Sherman is back in the Octagon on the main card of UFC Fight Night 214 (UFC Vegas 64): Rodriguez Vs Lemos. He is the slight favorite tonite for good reason since 15 out of 16 of his wins have come by finishes, including the last fight that earned him a 50k Performance of the Night KO bonus.

Besides his knockout power, Chase Sherman is also known for his hard-hitting choice of walkout songs which range from classic rock to blues-inspired girthy riff rock. Chase has walked out to a different song for the last three fights so we can’t really predict what song he will walk out to for UFC Fight Night 214 (UFC Vegas 64), however, we are willing to bet money on the fact that Chase is going to stick to rock roots on whatever song he does choose.

Here are Chase Sherman’s walkout songs from his last three fights. Let us know what song you think he’s going to walk out to tonite.

1. "The Stroke'" by Billy Squier

2. "No Good" by Kaleo

3. Chase Sherman "Voodoo Child" by Jimi Hendrix

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