[Watch] Gary Clark Jr. Channels Prince Live On KCRW


Gary Clark Jr. performed a live session for KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic that channeled the spirit of Prince whether he meant to or not. The Grammy-winning rock infused blues musician showcased seven songs from his new studio album THIS LAND -his most recent release that was recorded live in L.A. at an intimate club.

This Land is Gary Clark Jr.’s most diverse album to date in terms of the genres explored. The blues singer gracefully weaves strands of indie rock, funk, soul, and electro throughout the album in perfect harmony with his brand of rock-infused blues.

He performed seven different tracks from the politically charged This Land. an album that tells stories of social injustice against the backdrop of forwarding marching blues beats, roaring stacked Marshall amps and soulful hymns delivered deep from the belly.

At one point during his performance, the young gunner offered up a Prince-inspired take on “Pearl Cadillac” and it’s absolutely perfect. 

Gary Clark Jr lays down his own rightful claim to integrating rock, funk, dance, and soul, as Prince did but without losing himself in the shine of Prince. It’s so good, it makes you realize how big the whole is that Prince left behind and how far-reaching his influences were. But it will also make you feel lucky that there are guys like Gary Clark Jr making real music so effortlessly as Prince did and carrying on the purple torch. It might not even be intentional on his part either.  Some people have musicality greatness hardcoded so deeply into their DNA that they can pull off this kind of magic on autopilot. I think Gary Clark Jr. is that guy.


Watch Gary Clark Jr. perform his Prince-esque live version  of “Cadillac”


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