01. Digital Marketing

Email marketing and lead generation are our jam. We know how to find your tribe through our highly targeted emails, sponsored contests, and curated Spotify playlists. Think of us as your lead-generating matchmakers – we build genuine connections to boost your brand and grow your audience organically, without costly ad campaigns.

02. Live Music & Events

We organize sponsored live events, pop-up tours, after-parties, immersive experiences, and in-store appearances that generate leads, ignite enthusiasm, and amplify brand reach. In high-risk industries, we specialize in producing compliant, audience-connecting live events.

03. Highly-Engaged Influencer Network

We facilitate brand connections with professional combat sports athletes and micro music influencers for highly targeted digital marketing campaigns and live events. Our campaigns and events create user-generated content at scale, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

Digital worksamplified

"We develop digital marketing strategies, influencer partnerships, pop-up tours, after parties, and immersive events that attract new audiences and increase brand loyalty."


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