Will Smith Stockton Slaps Chris Rock

Love makes you do strange things or so says Will Smith who shocked the entire world last night during the Oscars when he stormed the stage and slapped Chris Rock across the face while he was hosting the event. for making a joke about his wife’s bald head. At first, Will laughed at Rock’s comment but Jada rolled her eyes expressing distaste and a bit of embarrassment about Rock’s comment of  “Jada–can’t wait to see you in GI Jane 2”.  Smith glanced over at Jada and saw the look of disappointment and embarrassment on her face, which instantly changed Will’s mood from laughter to an unhinged man who jumped up from his seat like a man on a mission and stormed the stage, Smith proceeded to slap Rock across the face Stockton style, that is with an open hand, so hard that it almost knocked Rock off his feet. Smith then turned around and casually waltzed back to his seat and then proceeded to yell at Rock to “keep his wife’s name out of his f*ckin’ mouth multiple times, each time getting louder than before, as to express his deadly serious intent to do it again if Rock didn’t comply. 

At first, many thought it was staged but since then, the Oscars organizers themselves have condemned the action and have opened an investigation. The LAPD has even commented stating that the victim (Rock) does not wish to pursue charges but if he should change his mind, they will get involved. 

The slap could be heard through the wires and was so loud and intrusive, many in the MMA community have compared it to the savage Stockton slap that the Diaz brothers have become famous for. Those who are close to both Rock and Smith say that Chris did not know that Jada has been dealing with alopecia and as a result decided to finally just shave her head. Rock has not ever been known to be mean-spirited and Will has not even been known to be a savage but dayyyyyum…you know who does love a savage? Dana White. Check out this funny animation of the episode where Dana White gets involved and offers Will a contract to fight in the UFC.