Yelawolf Live: Three Times He Lost It Live On Stage

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Yelawolf has always been known as a raw and raucous performer and if you’ve been following his career-especially the last couple of years, you know the Catfish Billy rapper has been through his share of turbulent times. 

From the messy break up with his long-time fiance, Fefe Dobson, to the untimely deaths of close friends and fellow rappers, Shawty Fat and Griplz , to the split with his bandmates, DJ Klever and guitarist Bones Owens- it’s  really not surprising that Yela ended up on a temporary 5150 psychiatric hold after a “misunderstood” suicide attempt after cutting himself with a razor blade while on tour, last year.

These days, he’s reawakened and reemerged seemingly more active and creative than ever. He went on to release his latest album, ‘Trial by Fire‘, went Gold with Love Story from 2016, released his own line of whiskey, Creek Water, opened his flagship Slumerican store to great success in Nashville and got his girl back. Everyone loves a comeback and we personally love second chances. We’re happy for you, bud!

Watch Yelawolf’s Top 3 Most Emotional Moments On Stage below.