Yelawolf Released A New Song, ‘Make Me A Believer’ With Shooter Jennings And It Sounds Nothing Like You Think It Should

Rate the music. Hot or not?

Yelawolf has been on laying off social media for months and holed up in the studio working on new music with Shooter Jennings, son of outlaw country legend, Waylon Jennings and it sounds nothing like you might expect from a Yelawolf record. “Make Me A Believer” is the first single from the upcoming album, Sometimes Y, that he and Shooter Jennings recorded and is due out on March 11th.

Michael Wayne Altha aka Ghetto Cowboy aka M.W.A, known as Yelawolf to millions of outlaw hip-hop fans has always been known to infuse his brand of hip hop with rocknroll and chunks of Alabama backwoods country swagger and seeing that he is making a new album with the son of one of the most iconic artists in the history of outlaw country, you would not be wrong to assume that the single would be blend outlaw country and hip-hop together. But this single isn’t anywhere close to serving up the obvious. In fact, Yelawolf does no rapping at all. Zero. No bars. Not even one.

Instead, he seems to have gone full-on Machine Gun Kelly and produced a AAA rock-pop-punk anthem with a catchy chorus, that includes Yelawolf howling in perfect unison with the guitar tracks, “Make Me A Believer, Yeah,!” Even Shooter Jennings departed from his usual sound to deliver a much poppier version of a rock song geared towards album-orientated rock fans (AOR). 

“With ‘Make Me A Believer’ we set out to make a song with a crushing rhythm, inspired by the hard-drivin’ rock n’ roll ancestors that came before it, who once melted the faces of leather-clad rock concert parking lot pre-gamers,” Jennings explains of the song’s intentions. “Yelawolf’s defiant and open-hearted words needed a Goliath of stomping rhythm to set a fire in the minds of today’s directionless youth.”

Yelawolf has been teasing his fans for months saying that the new album with Shooter Jennings (Sometimes Y) wasn’t going to be like anything else we have heard from him.

Nothing groundbreaking but definitely catchy as fuck, just what you want from a first single. The vocals could’ve been mixed a bit higher but it’s nothing you can’t get past.

Sometimes Y is definitely gonna split opinion for his existing fan base, but he’ll make new fans from this sound no doubt. He wasn’t lying when he said it’s completely different from anything he’s done before. It’s all rock and no hip hop. Wolf’s vocals though mixed a little low on the volume, actually showcase his talent as a well-rounded musician. Yelawolf has given us glimpses into his singing abilities on past records before but until now, he’s never released a track with no rapping and 100% all vocals, all singing.

I’m guessing there are going to be some casual Wolf listeners who will hear this track on the radio and won’t immediately connect that it’s Yelawolf-the razor spitting rapper from Gadsen Alabama- who got signed by Slim Shady-Yelawolf.  Michael Wayne Altha has traveled a long way from those days and the view on the horizon with this new musical adventure looks pretty epic.