Yoel Romero Casually Flipping A Grown Man In A Parking Garage

This training footage of Yoel Romero training in a parking garage is nuts!

Yoel Romero is 45 yrs old and still runs through men half his age in the cage. He’s been branded as being the body of MMA. His physique is rock-solid and he stays in shape year-round, not just when he needs to fight. His speed and strength combined with having the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast makes him hard to hit in the first place. His opponents complain that it feels like hitting steel when you hit him.  Yoel’s strength is other-worldly, especially for a 45 yr old man, and he’s considered to be a modern-day Sampson of the Bible.

He’s also known for having super intense workouts using less than conventional methods. This footage was recently captured recently of Yoel preparing for his upcoming fight for Bellator in Dublin this September. In this video, Yoel literally picks up a grown man and twirls him in a circle as if he is a toy. Can you imagine having the bragging rights that you are Yoel Romero’s workout or would getting twirled around by Yoel like a toy, be something that you would keep to yourself?